NCLEX Review Questions

Yes, there is so much content that can be posted for obstetric nursing.  Your best bet is to really know the “normals” and the common high risk issues (like preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and postpartum hemorrhage).  If you know these you will be able to work through many of the questions and their distractors (aka wrong answers).

I will create some examples to post soon.


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17 09 2010
Max Veltman

Which of the following is true about Florence Nightingale’s model of nursing? (Check all that apply)
a.*It encouraged focus on the whole (holism) view of the patient
b.*She described knowledge of sanitation and health sanitary practices as one (of many) things nurses should know
c.*Retelling of pleasant life events was a nursing intervention promoted by Nightingale
d.*Caring was/is one of the many concepts described by Nightingale

*=correct answer

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